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Why a bed and breakfast?
19th March 2018
Ford & Etal events in 2018
19th March 2018

Putting together photos and words to share my vision has been a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and a little trepidation. It was great fun to work with Ditte, a super talented photographer friend of mine from my Edinburgh days ( to find ways of perfectly capturing the rooms that I have put so much thought and effort into getting just right to welcome guests.

Selecting the images was an almost impossible task as there were so many great photos to choose from, and writing the words to go with them was even more of a challenge! Photos can speak a thousand words and I wanted to carefully get the balance right – not bombarding potential visitors with long paragraphs, but at the same being sure to genuinely portray the experience guests will enjoy when staying here at Crookham Eastfield Farmhouse.

Working with web designer, Lucas, at has been more fun and less daunting than I could possibly have imagined. A lot was achieved over endless cups of tea, and bringing biscuits to the mix always helped!

I am really excited to share my website and our family home. I hope it gives you a true impression of what family life at Crookham Eastfield Farmhouse is like, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Lucy, it was great working with you!
    Your hard work and attention to detail will be such an asset for the business and I know you’ll succeed in making it a warm and welcoming place for all your visitors.

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