Why a bed and breakfast?
19th March 2018

I had always enjoyed the bright lights and bustle of city living. In my twenties, I spent part of my career working in a fast paced recruitment business before changing tack and moving back into the beauty industry. For a number of years, I managed the prestigious Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in Mayfair which epitomized ‘work hard, play hard’, but an opportunity to move to Edinburgh around the time I turned 30 was just too good to turn down.

Edinburgh was everything I hoped it would be – a beautiful city but with an intimacy and friendliness that London sometimes lacked, especially as a place to bring up children. Here, I built up my own business from scratch as a makeup artist specializing in weddings. I’ve always loved working with people and being part of so many ‘big days’ was a privilege I still cherish. Having looked after nearly 700 bridal parties over 12 fantastic years, I decided it was time for a change. I hung up my make-up brushes and the next part of my journey brought us south of the border….

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